Our Team

Howard A.Klooster    
  He's an entrepreneur, who starts his career in Philips, then moves to Electrolux Sweden, Electronic Partner Germany, Union Ceramics Netherlands. Founded in 2004 his Hong Kong consultancy company. With projects from Kale Bodur Turkey, Ultrasun Netherlands, Chateau Carsin Bordeaux France, Forever Young by Dr.Muller Germany, Terrafugia and TFX USA he has build relationships between Chinese and foreign companies.

In 2015 with many mainland projects requiring more Chinese influence with Howard needing to spend more time and effort overseas market Admirals Capital was founded. Howard is the Chairman of the Dutch Liberal party VVD for China and Chairman International Business for the Hong Kong General Chamber of Wine & Spirits.

Henry Wong    
  Henry Wong is Co-founder of Admirals Capital, a member of the board of directors of our general partner. He is also a member of Admirals’ Management Committee and Investment Committee.
Henry Wong is an Angel Investor in Southern China for several start-ups in IT hardware and Internet Projects.
Koen Bouwers    

Senior Partner with strong technical and marketing background and extensive experience in the technology and software fields.

Koen was a founder / CEO of CoT Partner, Scense, the Software Factory (East Europe), and Consul (Netherlands). Previously, Koen was President of the Dictation division of Lernout & Hauspie, and held senior positions at Apple, Philips and Quarterdeck in the U.S. and overseas.

Koen holds an MS and JD from the University of Utrecht, where he studied Physics under Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft and Law , as well as an MBA from MIT.

He is currently a board member of Terrafugia, the flying car company acquired by Geely.