vision 2020


We arrived into the year 2020 full speed with lots of expectations, can sent you the visions of McKinsey, Julius Bar, and many other consultancy companies on request.
What we experienced is that a virous controls the whole world within days, weeks and months. The influence is Economical, Social and Political, China and the rest of the world arrived in a rough sea with high waves.

China always delays during Chinees New Year, it’s every year 6 to 8 weeks of making cost without any income. From 23 of January we count now only five weeks of no production or trade. Due to government regulations which locked down 780 million Chinese and foreigners the virus spreading getting under control in China. The perspective is good, people moving back to there jobs and many factories sending out their first containers.

China was always a good online market, strong distribution systems for food, groceries and online stores. Due to the quarantine situation developed online education, online entertainment as a new business area. Live streaming companies like Tik Tok, QiYi, Bilibili, Tencent offer many business opportunities all focused on in-home entertainment or education.

We advise our customers to keep calm, look for real estate or gold investments.