Guangzhou real estate profile

2020/11/20 13:09:45

Project related status:

The project is located in the northeastern suburb of Guangzhou, more than 30 kilometers away from the old city of Guangzhou. National Highway 324 passes by 4 kilometers beside the cemetery. The entrance of Guangzhou-Licheng subway is 4 kilometers away from the cemetery. The location of the cemetery has good traffic conditions. Luogang District and Zengcheng District are separated by one road, which is the center of the eastward expansion of the new city of Guangzhou.
The project covers an area of about 400 acres, which is rare in the surrounding areas of Guangzhou. For this reason, a unique collection of the culture of a hundred surnames, hall culture, ancestral hall culture, overseas Chinese returning to the clan, etc., integrated cultural atmosphere and environment, Lingnan The characteristic architectural styles are clustered, and the overall plan achieves the unique advantages of enhancing historical and cultural, traditional cultural sightseeing, and heavy-quality tourism. The scenery is beautiful, rustic and fragrant. At the same time, it is also a good geomantic treasure. It is an ideal place for the establishment of a cemetery.

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