Foshan: Going Smart

2017-8-2 11:42:45

During the first 6 months of the year Foshan has reported total investment of 176 projects worth more than 109 Billion RMB with FDI growth of 11.5%. Of these projects, 26 are over 10 Million USD. These numbers are likely to grow with the promising investment promotion that was organised last month, like "Made in Shunde to London" and Nanhai district's new Shenzhen office. Besides this, in this month's newsletter more exciting information about how Foshan is pionering in the field of smart cities. Chancheng district has launched a platform that uses blockchain technology for secure storage of local residents personal information.

Foshan Investment in the first half of the year growth 128% 

Trials for Blockchain Public Services

Chancheng District has launched a platform called Intelligent Multifunctional Identity (IMI) that lets registered local residents avoid filling repetitive personal information for different public services, presumably providing a more simple and secured process. Residents who are able to register on and verified by the IMI platform will have the control of their personal information and can grant access to a government service they need.

Local Government in China Trials Blockchain for Public Services

Foshan's Nanhai district held business investment roadshow to Japanese banks in Shanghai

Nanhai introduced and promoted itself to more than 30 Japanese local banks in Shanghai. Japanese banks in Shanghai have wide resources in business investment information, playing an important role in helping Japanese middle and small-sized enterprises move to oversea markets. This is another main event since Nanhai set up its Investment Promotion Representative Office in Shanghai.

Nanhai held business investment roadshow to Japanese banks in Shanghai 

Made in Shunde to London

During the China (Guangdong)-UK Economic Cooperation Conference last June in London, Shunde enterprises have signed agreements with British ABP Royal Albert Dock project for a contracted amount of nearly 5 billion RMB. The enterprises are expected to supply for home furnishing, hardware and building materials.  The Royal Albert Dock project will be London’s third financial and business district.

Shunde enterprises cooperate with UK-based ABP Royal Dock project

Nanhai District new Shenzhen office

A new Investment Promotion representative office has open its doors in Shenzhen. The new office from Nanhai district seeks to establish closer relationships with companies interested to learn about new opportunities. Nanhai is home to the Foshan national high-tech zone and the Guangong Financial high tech zone. Both areas have become favorites places for foreign investors when settling in Foshan.

Nanhai Investment Promotion Bureau opens office in Shenzhen

From: Foshan Investment Promotion Center